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TrailHike - Richmond Hill

This is an INTERMEDIATE LEVEL hiking group that travels a combination of on/off trail situations all the while maintaining a 5+ kms per hour pace.

We tend to have large turnouts to our events; therefore we do need all hikers to KEEP UP with the pack. Failure to do so causes the HIKING LEADER, SWEEP AND ALL IN ATTENDANCE undue aggravation. Therefore, assess your abilities accordingly before you join.

TrailHike: Our purpose is to hike within a close proximity to Richmond Hill. We do not see any reason to drive 1 hour away for a 2-hour hike so our NIGHT HIKES tend to be 20 min away and 2.5 hours in duration. We do however sometimes travel a little further for our DAY HIKES.


• we try to schedule 2-4 NIGHT HIKES (Tuesday/Wednesday) with the possibility of 2 separate DAY HIKES (Sundays) per month from April to December

• we have winter DAY and NIGHT hikes through the colder months

• we have large turnouts to our hikes so it is not fair to those ON TIME to have to wait; we respect a 5-min grace period then the hike starts, no exceptions

• hiking shoes/boots are required for all hikes, including some form of icers for winter hiking

• dogs are required to be on a leash

• we hike in the rain; the only thing that stops us is lightning

• you will be asked 4 questions when you RSVP for a hike. These questions pertain to our Waiver - Assumption of Risk

• we only do 3 things: Hike, Go Hiking and Did I Mention Hiking. We have and will on certain occasions gather socially after the hike

• we frown on NO SHOWS, and expect members to change their RSVP in a timely manner to allow another hiker the opportunity to go

• when we schedule a destination and/or adventure hike, we will have a LEVEL OF COMMITMENT set by the hike leader that stipulates the preferred # of prior attended hikes to be considered for that particular event

• we reserve the right to remove members that do not meet our "ability requirements" set out above

• visit our Facebook Page to get a sense of what the group is like

• we have 12 Hike Ontario Certified Hike Leaders (CHL) sanctioned by Hike Ontario

• we have 6 members certified in Wilderness & Remote First Aid, CPR Level C, and AED (WRFA) sanctioned by Red Cross

• we have 10 members certified in ADVANCED Wilderness & Remote First Aid, CPR Level C, and AED (AWRFA) sanctioned by Red Cross

• we have 121 members that have completed the Hike Like A Boss (HLB) 20k+ hikes and have earned the TrailHike badge

TrailHike - Richmond Hill is a FREE Hiking group. I do this to be around other folks to share a common interest in Hiking, This is to inform you that the ORGANIZER along with EVENT HOSTS + SWEEPS and any folks that assist in our hikes volunteer their time and receive ZERO COMPENSATION for their efforts.

DONATE TO TRAILHIKE. We accept donations (not member dues).

Visit DONATE TO TRAILHIKE   This is totally optional - donations only (no refunds).

You join TrailHike-Richmond Hill knowing full well that you are undertaking a risk inherent with adventure sports which can include serious injuries and even death. The organizers and other members of this group do not assume any responsibility or liability or provide any warranty for your safety. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own personal safety, well being, and earthly possessions and will hold no one else liable for any kind of loss.

Thank you for your time