donate to trailhike

The Leadership Team of TrailHike has decided now is time to ACCEPT DONATIONS, these donations will be used to offset costs pertaining to Site Admin, Meetup Subscription Fees, First Aid equipment and group membership in the Ontario Trail system (Ganaraska/Bruce Trail/etc)

Transparency and Reporting, Laurie Ann will look after the donations and provide an annual report showing incoming donations and outgoing expenses

I am proud to say we now have:

10 Advanced Wilderness Rescue and First Aid (AWRFA)
6 Wilderness Rescue and First Aid (WRFA) certified members/leaders
11 HikeOntario - Certified Hike Leaders



-  for maintenance of the TrailHike site and subscription
-  to outfit our WRFA and AWRFA trained hikers with First Aid equipment
-  for memberships "as a group" to various trail associations